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Is your paint “up to Scratch” ?

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Smartwax 1-2-3 Scratch Remover System


The Smartwax -1-2-3 Scratch Remover system is the first professional grade scratch removing system.  The only complete kits of its kind that completely removes, not cover-up, scratches, scuffs, nail marks and swirls from all paint finishes.


This kit will work on light surface scratches that do not catch your fingernail. If your nail does catch, the scratch is most likely too and either no paint is left or to little paint is left to repair the damage.

Kit includes;

  • Step 1 Component- Smart S-Block- The first pad of its kind uniquely engineered to adapt to variable surfaces from flat to curved delivering accurate even strides for 100% perfect wet sanding results.
  • Step 1 Component Smart Laserline Adhesive Wet Sanding Surface Perfecting Sheets- to be used with Smart S-Block System (2 grades Ultra Fine and Fine)
  • Step 2 Component – Smart System  Polish (16 oz)
  • Step 3 Component – Smart System Final Polish (16oz)
  • Smart Polishing cloths


Smartwax 1-2-3 Scratch Remover steps:

To use,

1)     Wash vehicle or area very well.

2)     If you are not sure if you are dealing with a scratch or a surface mark, use Step 2 before wet sanding and simply polish  on the mark first to see if it improves. If not, follow the smart kit’s complete instructions.

3)     Smart Lasrerline pads are adhesive- -peal backing away from sheets and simply stick to Smart S-Block.

4)     Spray surface to be prepped with smartdetail and also lightly spray Smart S-block sanding surface. It is necessary for the surface you are working on to stay well lubricated. Lightly rub S-Block over the scratch. Check often to see if you are getting results. A light haze will appear and as you gradually proceed the scratch will dissipate leaving a light “Matt haze”.

5)     When a light haze appears and the scratch no longer seams visible ..stop.

6)     The haze will be removed with Smart System Polish and finished with Smart Polish Final.

7)     The minor haze scratches are normal but they need to be removed with Step 2 Smart System polish before preceding to Step 3 the final finishing polish.

8)     Smart System Polish and Finishing polish can also be used alone and without step one for light scuffs and minor marring.


How to Apply Step 2 alone or as a follow-up to Step 1:

  • Apply Step 2 to a clean, soft cloth and buff into paint allowing time for the product to break down and gradually polish away the haze.

How to Apply Step 3 alone or as a follow-up to Step 2

  • :Step 3 is formulated to restore the shine to the treated area. After wet sanding in Step 1, apply Step 2 to another clean, soft cloth. Buff the area as long as necessary to restore the shine.
  • Follow with a buffing in of Step 3 until area is perfect.
  • For Best results follow with a protective coat of Smartwax or Smartsealant.

HEX LOGIC Now available

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Hex Logic pads from Smartwax, for the ultimate finish Hexlogic. The detailing industry has been raving about these for some time and now they are available, early reviews show them to be a hit and here to stay.