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COVER MAY-JUNE 2009Steve Hole editor from Total Kit Car Magazine, reviews Smartwax products…

As a bit of a ‘Mrs Brady old lady’ when it comes to polish and detailing, I collect car care products like some people collect stamps. My missus finds it all very strange but just as a man can’t have enough lists, he certainly can’t have enough polish as far as I’m concerned.


I have tried all the big brands, some of which are very good, some over-rated while the majority just don’t live up to the claims or the indeed the price tag.


My first experience of Samrtwax products was Rimwax, which I kind of used as a last resort, as I was fed up with continually cleaning the wheels on my car that continually got caked with road grime and brake dust. I spent a Sunday morning applying Rimwax, impressed by the way it polished off leaving a fine lustre while it also smelt like Bazooka Joe bubble gum, which is nice. Since then my wheels have stayed shiny for far longer than before and the dirt seems to fall off far easier when I wash the wheels…


Since then I’ve moved onto their other products and am completely blown away by them. I feel that I have found my personal holy grail as far as car detailing products are concerned.”


Steve Hole – editor tkc mag &

Many thanks to Steve for taking time to share his opinion with us.


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