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Ferrari to quit Formula 1.

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ferrari-badge1Many Ferrari lovers and drivers use Smartwax, so the initial news that Ferrari was to quit F1 at the end of the 2009 season sent a tremor through the industry so big it nearly registered on the Richter scale.


As is so often the case with the media the initial message was distorted and in fact Ferrari are only “threatening” to pull out of next years season, if the rules on “financial capping” are not changed.


Love them or hate them, Ferrari is probably the most recognised brand in the sports car industry and one of the most experienced teams in the F1 pits and motor sport. For years within motor sport it has been said “it’s not about how fast you want to go, but how fast you can afford to go”, and formula 1 has never been short of money.


There is no getting away from the fact that Ferrari would be missed, but I think full credit should be given to the smaller teams who, with less money, experience and racing pedigree are achieving great results without big budgets. They have showed the bigger teams that it can be done. I hope that any decisions that are made are for the good of the sport and not just caving into Ferrari bully boy tactics! Toyota have also said they will pull out!