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Performance & Styling Retailers Invited

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ps-expo-powerpointIn February 2008, Performance & Styling retailers were invited to attend the first ever P&S Expo, a trade only show aimed specifically for performance and styling them. Following on from its success will be the 2009 P & S Expo.


February 24-25th 2009, Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire with it’s state of the art exhibition facilities will again play host to the return of this exciting event.

It will run alongside the sister title to P & S Retailer, Mobile Electronics News to give you two great shows under one roof and yes completely free of charge for all trade visitors, including the parking. 


The only difference will be MORE exhibitors, MORE product launches and MORE opportunity for you to find the suppliers that will ensure 2009 is a great year for your business. In hall one, P&S Expo will be featuring all the best names in wheels, tyres, suspension, exhaust, styling, brakes, lighting, and cleaning products. Hall 2 will be bursting with the latest products from audio, GPS, Satnav, tracking and multi-media manufacturers.


With many exhibitors offering exclusive show deals, can you afford not to be there?

You will have the opportunity to meet with the people that can supply the right goods for your store or even introduce new lines that can entice new customers and really keep the profits rolling in. You will also have a chance to catch up with current suppliers and maybe even put a face to a voice for the first time.


So if you are ready to be more proactive and want to take a positive step towards increasing business with minimum effort, then Expo is the place to be.

Put the date in your diary and plan a visit to ensure you stay ahead of the game and maybe even your competition.


To book your FREE tickets for P&S Expo 2009 call Creative Media on 0870 444 3531 or email





Its all about Quality….

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Car Spares Cheshunt and Enfield, have been serving the local area with car accessories and parts for over 40 years. A family run business that offers more than just car parts and accessories. “Good service and quality products is what we represent”, explains Director Paul Aylot.








Paul shares his thoughts on the Smartwax range. “We have stocked the range for a couple of years now, in that time the products have developed quite a following. The range has evolved and since we have been listed on the Where To Buy website, customers come in asking specifically for it. That to me means that Smartwax is a quality product, and that’s what we represent.  The products stand out on the shelf and really help brighten up the showroom. We stock a large range of valeting/detailing products, but we like the fact that Smartwax is an exclusive brand.”









Smartwax U.K. Ltd would like to thank Paul Aylot for taking time to give us his thoughts, we wish Paul and Car Spares continued success with the Smartwax Range.




Alternative to a Claybar

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CLAYBLOCK® Safely and easily removes rail dust, water spots, tar, bugs, and paint overspray from automotive paint and glass surfaces BETTER THAN CLAY

POLI-FLEX Rubberized CLAYBLOCK® and Smartdetail® Cleans, purifies and smoothes surfaces & paint in seconds.




Quite possibly the best substitute for traditional hard to use products. Finally an alternative to detailing clay products that actually works better, easier, and more effectively. CLAYBLOCK® can be used on a lot more than painted surfaces, from glass to chrome and wheels, CLAYBLOCK® is awesome.

CLAYBLOCK®-a single  block can clean a full size vehicle 15-25 times, making it quite possibly the most economical paint cleaner system available on the market today.




I am afraid to change, why should I consider CLAYBLOCK®?

·         fast and easy way to safely and easily remove rail dust, water spots, tar, bugs, and paint overspray from automotive paint and glass surfaces

·         will not strip or remove wax or sealant protection

·         no harsh abrasives that scratch

·         no mess nothing to stick to your hand, no kneading required

·         1 bar will do 15-25 full size vehicles

·         easy to work with and clean up








1. Wash vehicle very well to loosen surface dirt.  Getting the surface as clean as possible will reduce wear on the clay bar and extend the life of your bar by reducing the amount of contaminants that need to be lifted by CLAYBLOCK®

2. Mist a 2 x2 square foot area generously with Smartdetail/lube and spray down CLAYBLOCK® as well. . Hold CLAYBLOCK® against the surface and glide it back and forth.

3. CLAYBLOCK® may grab the surface initially. This grabbing indicates that the CLAYBLOCK® is encountering contamination so keep it very well lubed with smartdetail.. Continue rubbing gently until CLAYBLOCK® glides freely.

4. Occasionally check CLAYBLOCK® for heavy contaminants that may be stuck onto bar, you may want to spray Smartdetail/lube onto CLAYBLOCK® or rinse clayblock clean under water prior to every use or if dirty.

5. Using smartdetail occasionally spray surface down and wipe each section with a micro fibre towel, this process will wipe away contaminates and reduce friction and possible marring of surface through friction. 

6. Once you have CLAYBLOCK®ed the paint, YOU CAN CLAYBLOCK® THE WINDOWS AS WELL (Follow the same directions). This will reduce streaking when using your wipers and accelerate water runoff when it rains.  

7. Wash vehicle again once completed, this will ensure that all contaminants that were removed are safely washed off the surface where they can no longer do harm to the paint.





Smartwax ONE

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one-hSmartwax One


 ONE is a water-less wash, wax and sealant in a bottle. ONE is the easiest, most environmentally friendly way to clean your car, van, motorcycle, caravan or boat.


ONE works in all weather conditions and because it does not need water, you can even use it in the garage. You simply spray a mist of ONE onto the surface of your vehicle – it softens, lifts, and encapsulates dirt particles in a protective lubricant, which is easily wiped away with a microfibre towel. A thin layer of carnauba wax (made from the leaves of the Carnauba palm) remains and this can be buffed to a showroom finish shine, which, by reducing any static charge, means the non-stick surface will repel dirt.


With Smartwax ONE, there is no waste and no residual water spots, swirl marks or streaks. Because it is formulated with ultraviolet absorbers, Smartwax ONE reduces the harmful effects of the sun on paintwork.


Smartwax ONE can be used safely on all metals (including alloy wheels), on glass, plastic, fibreglass and chrome. It produces a mirror-like shine yet contains no products which are harmful to the environment.


A single 473ml bottle of Smartwax ONE is sufficient for up to 10 applications.


Smartwax products are developed in the USA. Smartwax® products are the latest generation of professional grade products available for professional or DIY use on cars, motorbikes and boats. They were developed in California, USA, and Smartwax ONE won two global media awards at America’s largest aftermarket products show in 2007 (SEMA).


Unlike some other products on the market, the Smartwax range meets the USA Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) standard so they won’t damage car paintwork, the user’s health or the environment.


The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has introduced National Volatile Organic Compound Emission Standards for Automobile Refinish Coatings. These detail maximum grams per liter of Volatile Organic Compound content in different categories of Automobile Refinish Coatings.


VOCs are defined differently under European law and the British coatings industry has a scheme which labels products minimal, low, medium, high, and very high for their VOC content.